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Where we were going there were no heroes, only death. We trudged forth slowly. I remember counting every burst of light flickering through the distance. I imagined that each flash was another soul getting ripped away in a crack of lightening. Screams, pops and explosions cut through the silence like a nightmare, getting louder with every step forward, but I wasn't afraid. I was ready. We were ready. This was our fate. Our fight. We had lived our whole lives for this very moment. Too many good people had been taken from us. Our friends. Our brothers. This was for them and not a single one of us would have it any other way. Gripping our weapons tightly we continued on, faster now as we made our way over the back side of the hill. The weight of putrid air was crushing. My lungs burned and heart pounded like a drum through my chest. Hell was upon us now, pushing down with all it's might as we were ever closer.. to the devil's hand.


Come with me
It's our final stand
Walk with me
to our bitter end
fear is the enemy
in death is our salvation
Come with me
Into the devil's hand

Hold the line!
Bleed with me!
March, Rise, Fight!
Bleed with me!

Under the blades of reapers
We rise against

Onward we charge
War machine
Through the bloodshed
We fight on

Hold your head high
Glory is ours
You drag them with us
Back to hell

Come with me
to the promised land
Fight with me
to the bitter end
Souls burn the brightest
in the darkest depth of night
So burn with me
Into the devil's hand

All I am
Lives within a moment
All I am
Lives forever in you
All we have given
never let us go

Never forget us
Never forget us
Never forget


from Echoes of the Dying Light, released February 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Disguise the Curse Springfield, Massachusetts

Disguise the Curse is an original Metal band from Springfield Massachusetts. Styles range and fuse unapologetically from blistering speeds to the slow bluesy grooves for which they are known. Performing anthems inspired by Frankenstein, The Kraken, and other tales of horror. You'll soon find yourself singing along. ... more

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